In Bellum io game this game, you are basically an army, and you try to capture as much territory as you can. You do this by obtaining something called 'Military Power' which is basically money. Once you get a lot of military power, you can spend it on more things to generate even more military power for you. (Think cookie clicker). You could also capture the bases of other armies and overthrow them. The more bases you own, the more Military Power you can make!

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Bellum io game tips
I played two rounds of it, the way it works is you can click a button to get points, which you can use to get buildings to get more points, up to a cap of 10 per building. You can then use those points to capture normal land tiles and base tiles. The winner is the one who has the most tiles by the end of the 60 minute round, note that base tiles counts for 5 tiles each. Base tiles are unique because they allow you to raise the cap of buildings you can buy by 5 per, and also increase your clicking power up to 400. a very important thing to know is that at 30, 60, 90 and 120 tiles owned, the time between each tick your buildings generate points increase to 2, 4, 8 and 10 seconds. Also since rounds only last 60 minutes, the ROI time on buildings will far exceed the round timer by around 25-30 buildings owned. Play this awesome game unblocked. Therefore the optimal strategy is to own 5 bases, or at least as many as you can get to without exceeding 30 tiles owned (since bases count as 5 tiles, that leaves you 4 tiles to travel between the bases) until there is very little time left in the round and just generate points. When the round is almost over, spend all your points on grabbing as much land as possible. Overall this form of optimal strategy takes a lot of the fun out of expanding and strategies, imo the dev should remove the increased tick times for owning more land, and instead increase the cost of expanding. Also there should be a way to get ROI on buildings even if you have a lot of them, perhaps by decreasing the exponentially increasing price significantly.
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